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Архиве за септембар, 2013


Ученици су на часовима одељенских заједница усвајали правила понашања која су затим чланови Парламента и Вршњачког тима објединили у ШКОЛСКА ПРАВИЛА:








Литерарни и ликовни конкурс



Конкурс је намењен ученицима основних школа у Србији.

Литерарне радове доставити учитељицама или наставницима српског језика  најкасније до  5. oктобрa 2013 годинe.


На родитељским састанцима  родитељи су донели  своја правила понашања. Прикупљена правила су обједињена на састанку Школског Тима у следећа

Правила понашања родитеља:

v  Међусобно континуирано сарађивати

v  Свакодневно пратити понашање, рад, успех и разговарати са дететом

v  Активно се укључити у заједничке акције и школске активности

v  Сукобе решавати мирно и у сарадњи са одељенским старешином


Спортска такмичења ученика наше школе :


-одбојка -девојчице

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Енглески језик-тестови за основце

Тестови  из енглеског језика  у организацији Центра за таленте:



Circle the correct answer:

  1. Have you got a lot of money with you?

a) No, I don’t.             b) No, I haven’t.

c) No, I don’t have.    d) Yes, I do.

  1. Circle the correct sentence:

a)      I am boring. Let’s do something.

b)      Say me if you don’t want to do this.

c)      When you saw your cousin last?

d)     I haven’t finished the work yet.

  1. My friend …………….. while we ………… lunch.

a)      was arriving……………was having

b)      was arriving……………were having

c)      arrived………had

d)     arrived………..were having

  1. He ………………. . He is asleep.

a)      isn’t listening

b)      doesn’t listen

c)      wasn’t listening

d)     won’t listen

  1. We went to three different countries ………. the holiday.

a) while           b) when           c) in time of     d) during

  1. Which sentence is not correct:

a)      The house had incredible big windows.

b)      I bought the house three years ago.

c)      It was absolutely wonderful house.

d)     The house we bought was very expensive.

  1. What ………… fantastic hat!

a) a                  b) /                   c) the               d) an

  1. She’s been ill ………… three days.

a) for               b) since            c) before          d) ago

  1. How long ………………… in the European Union?

a)      has Britain been

b)      was Britain

c)      is Britain

d)     shall Britain be

  1. “Why hasn’t she gone to Spain?” “ She has. She …………….. yesterday.”

a) has gone      b) went            c) didn’t go     d) gone

  1. Circle the word which is not connected with literature:

a) chapter        b) novel           c) play             d) tune

  1. The phone rang for ages. …………………… somebody opened.

a) Immediately            b) Eventually   c) In the end    d) Finally

  1. They started out early.

…………….. there was still a lot of traffic.

a) However                 b) Although     c) So    d) Because

  1. Do it ……………. ! There is no time to waste!

a) suddenly                 b) immediately            c) tomorrow    d) soon

  1. Sam looks frightened. What ………….. ?

a) does he watch         b) is he watching         c) he watches  d) does he do

  1. Does your mother have a mobile phone?

a) Yes, she does.         b) Yes, she has.

c) No, she hasn’t.        d) Yes, she does have.

  1. Jill is looking ……… her sister’s children while she is away.

a) at                 b) on                c) after             d) upon

  1. I haven’t got something to wear for the party.

a)      This sentence is correct.

b)      This sentence has one mistake.

c)      This sentence has two mistakes.

d)     This sentence has three mistakes.

  1. Wait the minute! I think I’ve forgotten ……………. .

a) nothing        b) anything      c) somebody    d) something

  1. What ………. lovely weather! Let’s go out for a walk.

a) a                  b) /                   c) an                d) the

  1. My husband ………………. smoking next week.

a)      is going to give up

b)      will give up

c)      is giving up

d)     gives up

  1. Which of the following words do NOT collocate with HAVE:

a) dinner          b) a shower      c) a fight          d) the washing-up

  1. When I go out I always ……………. an umbrella.

a) wear                        b) carry            c) put on          d) get

  1. Which of the following phrasal verbs have nothing to do with relationships:

a) go out with              b) ask out        c) get on with  d) throw away

  1. Most people aren’t ……… in wild animals because they find them …… .

a)      interested……….frightening

b)      interesting………frightening

c)      interested……….frightened

d)     interesting………frightened

  1. Would you like to go ………… ?

a) swim            b) swimming               c) to swimming           d) to swim

  1. We ………….. some shopping on the last day and bought some souvenirs.

a) took             b) made                       c) had                          d) did

  1. Let’s go for dinner when the film ……………. .

a) is finished    b) will finish                c) finishes                    d) will be over

  1. Put the following words into the right order:

a(1)      have(2)           seen(3)             those(4)           ghost(5)          

just(6)              tourists(7)

a)1, 5, 2, 6, 3, 4, 7

b) 4, 7, 2, 6, 3, 1, 5

c) 1, 7, 2, 6, 3, 4, 5

d) 2, 4, 7, 3, 6, 1, 5

  1. Circle the word which cannot be part of the sentence “Luke wants to leave his job because he is so …………………. “:

a) successful                b) fed up         c) bored           d)  ill

  1. They would like ……….. out for dinner to celebrate their anniversary.

a) going                       b) to go            c) go                d) to be

  1. There ……………… newsagent in this town.

a) isn’t a                      b) isn’t any      c) aren’t a        d) aren’t

  1. American people like …………. European food.

a) a                              b) the               c) an                d) /

  1. You ………… smoke in the room where a baby is sleeping. It’s very dangerous.

a) needn’t        b) mustn’t        c) shouldn’t                 d) wouldn’t

  1. Do you prefer ………………. by cars or  by train?

a)      travelling

b)      to be travelling

c)      to travel

d)     travel

  1. It’s no wonder that he is doing so ………….. at work. He has always been very ……… at economic subjects.

a)      good……..good

b)      bad………good

c)      well……..good

d)     well ……the best

  1. Circle the group of words with the odd word:

a)      trip, plane, airport, stewardess

b)      on, in, over, below

c)      beach, cottage, sailing, swimming

d)     speak, write, listen, cook

  1. That’s not true, …………?

a) is it              b) isn’t it          c) is it not        d) doesn’t it

  1. …………… he is not feeling well, he would like to go to the cinema.

a) As                b) Because of              c) Though        d) If

  1. How would you make a question for the sentence:” He’s very tall and has brown eyes and fair hair.”

a)      How does he look?

b)      What does he look?

c)      Is he very tall and does he have brown eyes and fair hair?

d)     What does he look like?

  1. We ……….. to understand that we must take care of our environment.

a) begin           b) are beginning          c) will begin    d) began

  1. The fox hurt …………. .

a) by itself       b) itself                        c) herself         d) himself

  1. “Sssssssh! I………………… to the radio.

a)      am listening

b)      listen

c)      don’t listen

d)     was listening

  1. …………… too  much is not good for you.

a) Eating          b) To eat          c) Eat               d) To be eating

  1. Let him  ………… out.

a) to go            b) go                c) going           d) gone

  1. We visited the Browns ………. house is the biggest in the street.

a) their             b) whose          c) that              d) which

  1. Frost was not ……… European writer.

a) a                  b) an                c) the               d) /

  1. He spoke ………………….. about her.

a) most beautiful         b) the most beautiful

c) most beautifully      d) the most beautifully

  1. I said to Jim: “ Don’t stay out late.”

a)      I said to Jim that he shouldn’t stay out late.

b)      I said to Jim don’t stay out late.

c)      I said to Jim to stay out late.

d)     I said to Jim not to stay out late.

  1. Which of the following words do NOT collocate with FUNNY:

a) story            b) mood           c) business                   d) making-up



ŠKOLSKA 2003/2004. god.

  1. B         2                                              44. A   2
  2. D         2                                              45. B   2
  3. D         2                                              46. B   2
  4. A         2                                              47. B   2
  5. D         2                                              48. C   2
  6. A         2                                              49. D   2
  7. A         2                                              50. D   2
  8. A         2
  9. A         2
  10. B         2
  11. D         2
  12. B         2
  13. A         2
  14. B         2
  15. B         2
  16. A         2
  17. C         2
  18. B         2
  19. D         2
  20. B         2
  21. A         2
  22. D         2
  23. B         2
  24. D         2
  25. A         2
  26. B         2
  27. D         2
  28. C         2
  29. B         2
  30. A         2
  31. B         2
  32. A         2
  33. D         2
  34. B         2
  35. A         2
  36. C         2
  37. D         2
  38. A         2
  39. C         2
  40. D         2
  41. B         2
  42. B         2
  43. A         2

Regionalna smotra


8.razred-maj 2011.


I Put the, a/an or X (where no article is needed):

Merlin was (1) ___________ magician with special powers to see, hear and know all things. He took (2) __________ magic crystal ball from the long, blue robe he always wore. He wanted to see, Uther, (3) ___________ king of England in (4) __________ magic ball, talking to his brother in the castle. Uther was (5) ___________ intelligent man. He won many battles. Yet, (6) __________ England was still divided by many wars.

6 points


II Find and write the correct words:

e.g. Timothy is a very (elntiietlgn) intelligent boy.

  1. The teachers haven’t (aldopeud) __________________  the video clip from the excursion to the school website.
  2. What do you know about (telycira)______________ ? You can’t even read and write properly.
  3. Brad is going to (dentat) _____________  the meeting tomorrow morning.
  4. Don’t buy illegal (fatserow)________________ . It may harm you computer!
  5. The (wvrriiteeen) ____________________  was very nice. He didn’t ask any tricky questions. I hope I’ll get the job.

10 points

III Circle the correct answer a,b,c or d:

1. I’ve only got _______________ money in the bank.

a)      few     b) a few    c) a little    d) bit

2. Don’t worry. I think they will lend it _______________ you.

a)      to     b) from    c) for    d) of

3. _____________  the apartments has its own balcony.

a) Both     b) Both of    c) Each of    d) Every of

4. Neither of these shoes _______________ .

a) is her     b) is her’s    c) isn’t hers    d) is hers

5.They ___________ Susan to read and write when she was only five.

a) learnt     b) taught     c) thought     d) learned

6.She sure is pretty, _______________?

a) doesn’t she    b) hasn’t she     c) does she     d) isn’t she

7.He is _________ well-known professor at ___________ Oxford University.

a)      the…the     b) a….the     c) the….an     d) a…./

8 points

IV Supply the correct tense of the verbs in brackets:

1. If you (work)________________ harder, you would not need to borrow money.

2. If it (be) _________________ sunny tomorrow, I will go cycling.

3. The books (send) _________________________  last week.

4. Her birthday cake (make) ________________________   at the moment.

5. The stolen bicycle (not find) _____________________  yet.

10 points

V Put the sentences into the reported speech:

1. “Why did she sing so loudly?”

He wants to know _____________________.

2. “I really like my new job­.”

She says that _________________________ .

3. “Don’t listen to them!”

He told me ___________________________ .

6 points

VI Use the correct form of the words in brackets to fill in the blanks:


1.(Account) _________________ manage private and public money.

2. An (electricity) ________________  can repair our cooker.

3. Oh, I’m so nervous. This is my first job after being (employ) _______________ for ages.

4. She can’t understand it now, ‘cause she’s still (mature) _________________ . We’ll explain everything to her when she grows up.

5. In my opinion bungee jumping can be very (danger) ___________________.

10 points

Test za 8. razred  Regionalna smotra

I Make adjectives from the following nouns:


e.g. happiness-happy

  1. success-
  2. danger-
  3. fame-
  4. freedom-
  5. anger-

5 points

II Write the correct answer next to each definition:

  e.g.1. the part of your body which you use to see things ____c_______

2. the part of your body which you use to hear things ____________

3. the white things that are in your mouth ____________

4. the part of your face that is above your eyes __________

5. the part of your hand that is between your wrist and your fingers ___________

6. the part of your body that connects your head with your chest ___________

a) palm   b) neck   c) eye   d) forehead   e) teeth   f) ear

5 points

III Write who, whose or which to complete the sentences:


  1. The book _________________ is on the floor isn’t mine.
  2. Do you know the man ________________ umbrella is in the office?
  3. The boy _________________ won the competition is my neighbour.
  4. The bike _________________ is outside doesn’t work.
  5. The girl __________________ spoke to you in the street is my cousin Jane.

5 points

IV Complete the sentences with the correct phrasal verb from the list:

look after, turn on, find out, give up, put on


  1. I think I will ___________________ smoking since I don’t feel well these days.
  2. I can’t _________________ where she lives. Do you know her address?
  3. Ann always has to _________________ her neighbours’ cat when they are away.
  4. __________________ your jacket! It’s cold outside.
  5. _________________ the light, please! I can’t find my glasses.

5 points

V Complete the sentences with question tags:

e.g. She is really funny, isn’t she?

  1. You didn’t go to the party, ____________________?
  2. Peter lives in your street, _________________?
  3. It’s cold outside, _________________?
  4. You won’t be late, _______________?
  5. They have already been to Japan, _________________?

5 points

VI Write infinitive or gerund (verb + ing) of the following verbs to complete the sentences- swim, promise, listen, help, live

  1. Tom refused _________________ Helen when she was ill.
  2. I prefer __________________ to playing volleyball.
  3. She can’t imagine _________________ without him.
  4. Sorry, but I didn’t _________________ to do that.
  5. We all enjoyed __________________ to her lovely voice.

5 points

VII Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense:


  1. If we have enough time, we _____________ to the party tonight.

a)  go    b) will go    c) don’t go    d) went

  1. If it ______________ sunny tomorrow, I will play golf.

a)   was  b) will be    c) were    d) is

  1. That battle _______________ 500 years ago.

a) fought    b) has been fought    c) was fought    d) have been fought

  1. Computers _______________ by millions of people every day.

a) are used    b) were used    c)  use   d)  used

  1. I  _______________ in Moscow since January.

a) didn’t live     b) don’t live     c) haven’t lived     d) hasn’t lived

  1. My friends  ________________ Italy when they were teenagers.

a) leaved    b) were left    c) have left    d) left

  1. The policemen caught them while they ________________ through the woods.

a) are driving    b)  was driving   c) were driving     d)  drove

14 points

VIII Circle the correct answer:


  1. An orphan is :

a)       a kind of wind    b) a place where animals are protected     c) a child or an animal with no parents d) a cottage

2) A donation is:

a) the money you lose    b) the money that you give someone to help him/her

c) the money you save in a bank    d) the money you find in the street

3) A burglar is:

a) a wounded dog     b) a type of food     c)  a person that protects your house from

burglary     d) a person who commits burglary

6 points




A woman in blue jeans went into an expensive shop and asked to see a dress that was in the window. The assistant who served her did not like the way she was dressed and he told her that the dress was sold. The woman walked out of the shop angrily and decided to return to the shop the next day. So the following morning, dressed in an elegant coat with a handbag and gloves in one hand and a long umbrella in the other, she found the impolite assistant and asked for the same dress. Not realizing who she was, with great difficulty he climbed into the shop window to get the dress. As soon as she saw it, the woman said she didn’t like it. She made him bring her almost everything in the window before finally buying the dress she had first asked for.

1. The assistant didn’t show the dress to the woman the first time she came

   into the shop because

a) the dress was sold.

b) he didn’t think she could afford it.

c) he didn’t want to take the dress out of the window.

d) he didn’t like the way she looked.

2. Why did the woman leave the shop angrily? Because

a)  the assistant was angry.

b)  the dress was sold.

c)  she wasn’t served properly.

d)  the assistant didn’t like the way she was dressed.

3. What was the reason the woman made the assistant bring her everything

   from the window the next morning?

a)  He was impolite to her the first day.

b)  She didn’t like the dress she had first asked for.

c)  He was too busy the previous day.

d)  He couldn’t take the dress out of the window the first day.

4. The woman

a)  liked wearing only blue jeans.

b)  liked wearing only casual cloths.

c)  didn’t like looking elegant.

d)  didn’t think that clothes were so important.

5. The assistant was extremely helpful the nest day because

a)  he was in a good mood.

b)  she was very beautiful.

c)  he didn’t recognize her.

d)  he realized he had been impolite the day before.


1. This is __________ you can possibly do to help!

a) least                              c) little

b) less                         d) the least

2. He drives __________ when the baby is in the car.

a) more careful                        c) most carefully

b) most careful                        d) careful

3. Would you mind if I __________ a little longer?

a) stay                          c) would stay

b) will stay                     d) stayed

4. I __________ seeing you again.

a) am looking forward to         c) look forward

b) am looking forward                  d) am look forward

5. We shall be pleased if our school __________ the match.

a) won                           c) will win

b) wins                          d) would win

6. You __________ that for years and I am tired of hearing it.

a) were saying                   c) have been said

b) have been saying              d) had said

7. I have never been to Italy. What about you?

a) I have been there last summer

b) I was been in Italy last summer

c) I have. I was there last summer.

d) I’ve been to Italy a few years ago.

8. George __________ off the ladder while he __________ the ceiling.

a) was falling/was painting            c) fell/painted

b) was falling/painted                 d) fell/was painting

9. An orphan is a child __________ parents are dead.

a) who                           c) who’s

b) whom                          d) whose

10. You __________ eat all of it if you don’t want to.

a) haven’t                             c) oughtn’t

b) needn’t                             d) mustn’t

11. My drawing is bad, but no one draws __________ than she does.

a) worst                         c) badly

b) worse                         d) the worst

12. “I am spending the afternoon with Mary.”

a) With who are you spending the afternoon?

b) Whom with are you spending the afternoon?

c) Who are you spending the afternoon with?

d) Who with are you spending the afternoon?

13. __________ Latin before he went to college?

a) Did he know                   c) Was he known

b) Has he known                        d) Does he know

14) Dinner __________ when the guests arrived.

a)  was served                    c) had served

b)  has been served               d) had been served

15. You __________ do as she says!

a) well                          c) best

b) better                              d) the best

16. I was __________ hit by a car yesterday.

a) hard                          c) near

b) hardly                              d) nearly

17. The teacher was angry and __________.

a) neither was I                       c) so I was

b) so was I                      d) either was I

18. Jim doesn’t like stupid girls. He likes girls who are __________ clever

__________ beautiful.

a) neither – nor                       c) not – but

b) both – and                    d) either – or

19. I am having __________ early lunch today, because I must catch

__________ one o’clock train to Kragujevac.

a) the, -/                             c) the, -the

b) a, -the                             d) an, -the

20. She has only seven __________ in her aquarium.

a) fish                          c) fish’s

b) fishes                              d) fishes’

21. He is __________. All the girls are crazy about him!

a) dominant                      c)splendid

b) irresistible                        d) graceful

22. There are numerous differences between them.

a) some                          c) many

b) various                             d) major

23. Our old neighbour died yesterday. He __________.

a) went Dutch                    c) kicked the bucket

b) beat about the bush                 d) slept like a dog

24. She does very well at school – she is a very __________ person.

a) easy-going                    c) tempting

b) tolerant                            d) bright

25. Would you like to greet our gests?

a) to amuse them                       c) to make friends with them

b) to take them out              d) to say hello to them

26. Hello! This is Roger. Can I __________ Ann, please

a) talk                          c) contact

b) speak to                      d) have

27. She offered me __________. That’s how we met.

a) to lift                             c) lift

b) a lift                              d) some lift

28. Don’t laugh __________ him. It’s very rude!

a) at                            c) about

b) on                            d) over

29. I am sorry I __________ your party. I was away at the time.

a) lost                          c) passed

b) failed                              d) missed

30. He has __________ me Spanish.

a) learned                             c) learnt

b) taught                              d) thought

31. I couldn’t help __________ your funny hat.

a) noticing                            c) glancing

b) seeing out                    d) looking

32. Each __________ of the family had to take turns in the housework.

a) individual                    c) member

b) character                     d) person

33. Let’s share the money __________ ourselves.

a) between                             c) against

b) among                         d) along

34. Mr. Brown has gone to America __________.

a) very often                    c) this week

b) last week                     d) yesterday

35. Don’t shoot! I __________.

a) give in                             c) give away

b) give up                             d) give out

36. We don’t ________ like starting work just now.

a) fill                          c) full

b) fool                          d) feel

37. I can __________ you as much money as you need.

a) land                          c) lend

b) borrow                              d) lent

38. Tom cannot afford a new car this year.

a) buy                           c)ride

b) sell                          d) rent

39. She ran out of sugar.

a) She went out to get some sugar.     c) She was about to buy some.

b) She had no more sugar.        d) She put some sugar in her tea.

40. She overslept.

a) She couldn’t sleep long enough.     c) Slept longer than she wanted.

b) She didn’t sleep well.              d) She fell asleep.

41. You want to go to a hotel but you don’t know the way. How can you ask a passer-by to direct you?

a) Can I go to a hotel, please?

b) Tell me the hotel, please?

c) Let me go to a hotel, please?

d) Can you tell me the way to the nearest hotel, please?

42. You have come to buy a pair of shoes. The shop assistant asks you:

a) What’s the number of your shoes?

b) What size do you take?

c) What’s your number?

d) What number are you?

43. Your watch has stopped running. You ask a passer-by to tell you the time.

a)  What time is it?

b)  Tell me the time, will you?

c)  Excuse me, could you tell me the time, please?

d)  Hey! What’s the time?

44. A: “My father’s much better now.”

B:  _________________________

a)  “It’s a pleasure.”

b)  “How pleasing.”

c)  “Yes, of course, thank you.”

d)  “Oh, I’m so pleased to hear it.”

45. A: “The party was really boring.”

B:  (Disagree)

a)  “Are you sure?”

b)  “You must be joking.”

c)  I am sorry you had a bad time.”

d)  I guess so.”





1. d

2. c

3. a

4. d

5. c


1. d         16. d            31. a

2. c         17. b            32. c

3. d         18. b            33. b

4. a         19. d            34. c

5. b         20. a            35. b

6. b         21. b            36. d

7. c         22. c            37. c

8. d         23. c            38. a

9. d         24. d            39. b

10. b            25. d            40. c

11. b            26. b            41. d

12. c            27. b            42. b

13. a            28. a            43. c

14. a            29. d            44. d

15. b            30. b            45. b






Every morning you get up, clean your teeth, wash and dress. You look at yourself in the mirror and brush your hair. What do you put on? Ordinary clothes or a school uniform? Some people don’t like school uniforms. They say children mustn’t all look the same. They must be free to wear any clothes they want to. Other people disagree. They  say school uniforms are good. Children from poor homes and from rich ones must all look the same. Then the rich children can’t show off and the poor children don’t suffer.

We like to admire ourselves in a mirror and uniforms don’t let us express ourselves, but they have a good purpose.

1. Some people say that uniforms are good because __________.

a. children can admire themselves

b. they allow children to express themselves

c. children can wear any clothes they want to

d. they don’t let rich children show off

2. Which is right?

a. Everyone has his own opinion about school uniforms.

b. Everybody agrees that children must look the same.

c. No one thinks that school uniforms are bad.

d. Not many people like to express their opinion about school uniforms.

3. They must be free __________any clothes they want to.

a. wearing

b. wear

c. for wearing

d. to wear

4. Some people don’t like school uniforms, but other people __________.

a. support

b. disagree

c. protect

d. prefer

5. Ordinary clothes are __________.

a. special clothes for school

b. clothes for rich children

c. clothes that you wear every day

d. expensive clothes


1. I didn’t enjoy the film.

a. So did I.

b. So didn’t I.

c. Neither did I.

d. Neither I did.

2. I’ve been to London several times.

a. So I have.

b. I have, too.

c. Either have I.

d. So have I.

3. The travel agent has a map __________ shows where the sights are.

a. who

b. whose

c. which

d. what

4. It always surprises me that there are so many children __________ only dream

is to become rich.

a. which

b. for whom

c. that

d. whose

5. Bad news __________ quickly.

a. travel

b. travels

c. reach

d. have travelled

6. People say that the world is in great difficulties.

a. It’s been said

b. It is said

c. It was said

d. It’s being said

7. We talked about her trip and she said that she __________ there before.

a. never was

b. had never been

c. hasn’t been

d. never been

8. Let me know how much time __________.

a. is there

b. there is

c. is it

d. it is

9. I hope it won’t rain, but even if it __________ I’ll go there.

a. rained

b. will rain

c. was going to rain

d. rains

10. He hasn’t had __________ of the apples.

a. none

b. any

c. nothing

d. anything

11. I’ll give you the book if I __________ it.

a. find

b. found

c. had found

d. will find

12. You __________ know how to use your camera properly.

a. shall

b. would

c. should

d. ought

13. One __________ to invite parents to the meeting.

a. should

b. shall

c. must

d. ought

14. He __________ here already.

a. is

b. has been

c. was being

d. will be

15. When I came home the guests __________.

a. have already left

b. already left

c. had already left

d. has already left

16. She plays __________ piano well.

a. a

b. /

c. the

d. an

17. Hamlet was written __________ Shakespeare.

a. from

b. by

c. of

d. with

18. People don’t use this road very often. This road __________ very often.

a. hasn’t been used

b. wasn’t used

c. isn’t used being

d. isn’t used

19. They will hold an important meeting on Sunday.

An important meeting __________ on Sunday.

a. is held

b. is going to hold

c. was held

d. will be held

20. We make __________ butter and cheese from milk.

a. the

b. a

c. /

d. some

21. __________ I’ve never been there myself I’ve heard about it.

a. But

b. Nevertheless

c. However

d. Although

22. Don’t go now. You’ll __________ the match on TV.

a. pass

b. lost

c. lose

d. miss

23. If you say to someone: “What do you suggest?”, you:

a. want some advice

b. need a map

c. would like to see the sights

d. want to know the cost

24. The music __________ rather strange.

a. smells

b. tastes

c. sounds

d. looks

25. The soup __________ horrible.

a. sounds

b. tastes

c. feels

d. looks

26. Pupils must know the school rules and __________ them.

a. hold

b. obey

c. listen to

d. look after

27. I’m not going to this party. I __________ talking to his friends.

a. quite like

b. don’t mind

c. can’t stand

d. liked

28. We can __________ them easily now.

a. win

b. beat

c. race

d. row

29. A motorist must always drive __________.

a. dangerously

b. carefully

c. slowly

d. carelessly

30.”An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” means

a. eat fruit and you won’t be ill

b. it is good to eat apples

c. doctors live far away if we eat apples

d. doctors don’t like you when you eat apples

31. She was watching a horror film and she got __________ to death.

a. mad

b. furious

c. afraid

d. scared

32. I am mad about you – means:

a. I love you

b. I hate you

c. I’m angry with you

d. I can’t stand you

33. I missed a lot of lessons and my teacher was mad.

a. I have a mad teacher.

b. The teacher was very angry.

c. The teacher was nervous.

d. The teacher was excited.

34. They were __________ the concert on a gigantic screen.

a. revealing

b. putting

c. projecting

d. looking

35. Men and women have to go out to work in order to __________ a living.

a. gain

b. have

c. make

d. receive

36. They were all in ecstasy when Madonna appeared on stage.

a. They were unhappy

b. They were curious

c. They were all glad

d. They were all extremely delighted

37. The film is now in progress. Means:

a. It has just started

b. It’s going on

c. It is getting better and better

d. It is just about to start.

38. He has a lively mind.

a. He has a good memory.

b. He has a creative mind.

c. He knows a lot of things.

d. He knows everything by heart.

39. This coat doesn’t fit me.

a. I don’t like this coat.

b. This coat is too expensive for me.

c. This coat is not the right size.

d. I don’t need it.

40. We’ve been acquaintances for a long time.

a. We’ve been friends for a long time.

b. We’ve been very close to each other for a long time.

c. We have known each other for a long time.

d. We haven’t known each other for a long time.

41. How would you express your delight after seeing a film?

a. It’s such a disgusting film.

b. It’s so unpleasant, I’m afraid.

c. What a wonderful film!

d. It’s not so bad, after all.

42. Your English email friend invites you to come to England. You:

a. I’d be delighted to come.

b. I’ve never been to England before.

c. I’m very keen on travelling.

d. I can’t agree.

43. Someone says that success depends on luck.

a. I’m afraid I can’t agree.

b. The same to you.

c. It’s marvellous

d. It should be done.

44. Your friend has just passed a test. How would you congratulate him?

a. Well done, I knew you could do it.

b. It’s very beautiful.

c. You are a happy man.

d. So am I.

45. A: “I’ve got some free tickets for the match on Saturday. Would you like


B:   _____________________________________________

a. “Thank you very much for asking me.”

b. “I can’t agree.”

c. “In my opinion football is boring.”

d. “You’re welcome.”







1. d

2. a

3. d

4. b

5. c



1. c           16. c            31. d

2. d           17. b            32. a

3. c           18. d            33. b

4. d           19. d            34. c

5. b           20. c            35. c

6. b           21. d            36. d

7. b           22. d            37. b

8. b           23. a            38. b

9. d           24. c            39. b

10. b          25. b            40. c

11. a          26. b            41. c

12. c          27. c            42. a

13. d          28. b            43. a

14. b          29. b            44. a

15. c          30. a            45. a


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